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Oromia Insurance S.C. Background

Oromia Insurance S.C. (OIC) was established and licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia on 26th January 2009 to engage in general insurance business.

It commenced its operation on 9th February 2009. The Company was established by 540 founding shareholders with a paid-up capital of Birr 26 million and a subscribed capital of Birr 85 million. At the end of 2016/17 FY, the number of shareholders reached 840, the paid up capital

This clearly demonstrates the fact that the Company commenced its operation with a strong and reliable financial capacity, being the first of its kind to mobilize such a huge amount of paid-up capital in the country’s insurance industry. Moreover, the diversity of its shareholders manifests the Company’s strong social base which includes 1,600,000 low income farmers through their farmers’ cooperative unions.

The Company has crafted suitable mission that is customized to address the acute needs of its customers and has also developed reliable and continuously improving strategic plans which will help to ensure the realization of its vision.

Taking into consideration the needs of those low income farmers who became shareholders of the Company through their farmers’ cooperative unions, OIC also launched Microinsurance products (crop & livestock) in 2010, i.e., about a year after its establishment. Life Insurance operation then followed in 2012.

The Company already achieved most of the targets set for its first strategic plan and is now implementing its second strategic plan that will serve until 2020/21 budget year.

Currently, OIC has 55 full-fledged branch offices and 3 contact offices throughout the country. It also works with a number of sales agents, all insurance brokers as well as banks in the country.