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Branches in Addis Ababa

We are available 24/7 on our cell phone. Our customers can contact us any time.
ABDISSA AGA BRANCH Beklobet, Garad BuildingAto Temesgen Chawakaoic63oic@gmail.com+251-944-110-363
FINFINNE BRANCH Mexico Sengatera, Biftu TowerAto Niguse Dabaoic155oic@gmail.com+251-115-572-126
AFRICA GODANA BRANCH Bole Road, Africa Avenue, Oromia Bank Building 1st FloorAto Dinayas Dabaoic18oic@gmail.com+251-115-528-557
BOLE BRANCH Bole Japan, Novis BuildingAto Mekonen Deguoic17oic@gmail.com+251-116-623-194
+251-116-160-900 10090
MERKATO BRANCH Merkato, Infront of Bus StationAto Tesema Dugasaoic21oic@gmail.com+251-118-275-287
GOFA BRANCH Sarbet, Alexander Pushkin Square, KIYAM Building 1st FloorAto Abera Gutaoic27oic@gmail.com+251-114-161-122
DOKA BORA BRANCH Megenagna, Derartu Tullu Building Ato Fikadu Bayisaoic20oic@gmail.com+251-116-630-208
GULELLE BRANCH Gulelle Area Ato Sisay Bulioic28oic@gmail.com+251-112-595-577
WADESSA BRANCH Churchill Avenue, Tewodros Square, Aman Plaza 3rd FloorAto Mengistu Ebsaoic222oic@gmail.com+251-111-118-404
BIRBIRSA BRANCH Merkato Infront of Anuwar Mosque, Wajidi Business Center 4th Floor Office No. 402.Ato Dereje Teferaoic23oic@gmail.com+251-112-130-111
CHAFFE BRANCH Flamingo, Africa Avenue, Get House Tower 2nd FloorAto Teferi Amenaoic011oic@gmail.com+251-115-527-271
KERSA BRANCH Kazanchis NEGA CITY MALL 1st Floor Office No. 104-B.Meron Mulatuoic19oic@gmail.com+251-118-962-249
JAMO BRANCH Ayer Tena, KEAMED Medical College Building Ground FloorSifan Dame oic29oic@gmail.com+251-113-480-293
BULBULA BRANCH Saris Kadisco, Kadco Group BuildingAto Mecha Haileoic244oic@gmail.com+251-114-430-181
KOLFE BRANCH Kolfe Atena Tera, EKHAST MALL 1st FloorAto Daniel Etefaoic30oic@gmail.com+251-112-791-432
GERJI BRANCH Gerji AreaAto Kumela Tolesaoic26oic@gmail.com+251-116-394-037
DOLLO BIDDENA BRANCH Meskel Flower, Mossy Building 1st FloorBerhane Negessuoic255oic@gmail.com+251-114-168-956
MUDA BRANCH Lideta, MB Business Center BuildingObse Beyeneoic06oic@gmail.com+251-115-573-103
+251-115-573-097 10090
EJERSA BRANCH Bole Medhanialem, Oromia Building Ground FloorMeseret Regasaoic16oic@gmail.com+251-116-392-252
KALITY BRANCH Kality Bus Station Area, Solomon Building 2nd Floor Office No. 2-7Ato Hodeta Tafarioic077oic@gmail.com+251-114-715-279
+251-114-715-915 10090
LEBU BRANCH Lebu Area, BRIGHTON Building 1st Floor office No. 101 Tsehay Gebreyes oic11oic@gmail.com+251-114-625-288
FIGA BRANCH CMC AreaTsion Assefaoic13oic@gmail.com+251-929-907-513-10090
TULLU METI BRANCH Bethel AreaAto Yadeta Babuoic14oic@gmail.com+251-929-907-514-10090
GELAN BRANCH Gelan Area Ato Tibebu Asratoic77oic@gmail.com+251-944-110-377-10090
TADESSE BIRU BRANCH Addisu Gebeya, Jambo Building 3rd FloorAto Chala Chiracho oic402oic@gmail.com+251-944-110-402-10090
KOTOBE BRANCH Wossen Area, Located on CBE Wossen Area Branch Building 1st Floor Office No. 104Ato Gemechu Urgessa oic408oic@gmail.com+251-944-110-408-10090
HEAD OFFICE Wollo Sefer, Ethio-China Road, Lideya Plaza 1st FloorW/ro Bezawit Yilmaoic57oic@gmail.com+251-944-110-0357-10090
CHALCHALI Bisrate Gebriel, Adot Cinema Building Ground FloorAto Asrat Shegenaoic077oic@gmail.com+251-114-715-279
LEMI KURA BRANCH Ayat Area, Adjacent to Lemi Kura Sub-City, HASBI Building 1st Floor Ato Bayo Dabaoic53oic@gmail.com+251116391825+25111639053010090