Halal Takaful Insurance - Oromia Insurance


Halal Takaful Insurance product is designed to avail alternative insurance that fill the gap of sharia compliant insurance needs.

Meaning of Takaful (Halal) Insurance

Takaful is a Sharia compliant insurance that respects sharia rules and principles.

Peculiarity of Halal Takaful insurance

Halal Takaful insurance is free from any sharia prohibited activities

Benefit of Takaful (Halal) Insurance

  • Clients (participants) able to get Halal insurance Contract
  • Each participant(Clients) has an opportunity to be indemnified (get Halal compensation) from Takaful Fund
  • Increase intention of solidarity, cooperation and Mutual help among participants in the event of disaster.

Users of Takaful Insurance

  • The users of Takaful insurance is anyone who needs Halal Insurance service

Perils to be covered under Takaful insurance contract

  • Takaful insurance policy provide protection to clients (participants) for losses arising from Accident, fire and Lighting and aligned perils, liability, theft and Burglary

Halal Takaful Insurance Products currently available in Oromia Insurance

  • Property Takaful insurance
    • Motor Takaful
    • Fire and allied Takaful
    • Marine Takaful
    • Burglary and house breaking Takaful
    • Plate glass Takaful
    • All risk Takaful
  • Liability Takaful Insurance
    • Public liability Takaful
    • Professional indemnity Takaful
    • Product liability Takaful
    • Carriers Liability Takaful
    • Workmen’s compensation Takaful
  • Pecuniary Takaful insurance
    • Bonds insurance Takaful
    • Fidelity Guarantee Takaful,
    • Money insurance Takaful
  • Engineering Takaful insurance
    • Contractors all risk Takaful
    • Contractor’s plant and Machinery Takaful
    • Erection all Risk Takaful
    • Machinery Breakdown Takaful
    • Electronic equipment Takaful
    • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Takaful
  • Accident Takaful insurance
    • Group accident Takaful
    • Personal accident Takaful

Availability of Takaful Insurance products

  • Takaful insurance products are available at all branches of our company

Sharia Advisory committee of Takaful insurance

  • Our company has sharia advisory committee (sharia scholars) who supervise adherence of sharia rules and principles with relation to Takaful insurance underwriting, claims payment, Finance procedures, investment process, fund Management, Re-Takaful Treaty etc.
  • The sharia advisory committee also Clarify any doubt and provide answer for any question arise from our participants and wide public in relation to Halal Takaful insurance.